LED trubice - LED tubes - MCOB, 600 mm, 1200 mm, 1500 mm T8 / T5
T8 LED tube lights Tesla are the most popular used LED tube light type; it is used for general indoor lighting such as in hotels, offices, shops, parkings, auto services, etc. The T8 LED tube light is designed to replace the old fluorescent T8 lamps of any longer. Our T8 LED tube lights Tesla adopt high quality components. It is well known that the T8 LED tube lights have many advantages over the traditional fluorescent T8 lights, LED tube light Tesla T8 is more efficient, luminous flux up to 3000lm, energy-saving (up to 50%), long working time (up to 50000 hours) and is good for environmental protection - no heave metals; the trend is that the T8 LED tube lights will more and more replace the old fluorescent lights.